My self-named line, Katrin Reifeiss is a made-to-order and small batch collection all with forever in mind. I am a team of one that dyes, paints, cuts, sews, washes, finishes, folds, tags and packs each item. Select items are sewn at MadeXHudson located in Catskill, NY.

My mission is to create timeless pieces that do not adhere closely to a specific trend or season rather focusing on simple, relaxed silhouettes that complement and showcase the handmade pattern. I believe in the thoughtful practice of creating items to order or in small batches to reduce textile waste and to keep the use of natural resources down. 

I like to find meaning in my fabrics, that is why I dye or paint them. To know one is wearing not just a dress but something that was slowly crafted by hand, utilizing traditional techniques like Japanese Shibori and honoring these techniques. I believe this desire to create comes from my first love, painting, and the joy of combining it with fashion. 

Buy something you love, wear it forever and know your clothes were created by me.